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Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of East Haldimand Hospice Inc. " To ensure that all people in the East Haldimand catchment area have access to compassionate care, companionship and bereavement support when they or their loved one is walking the journey of a life-limiting illness. "



Under this mission East Haldimand Hospice Inc. will:


  •     Provide support to associations, groups, programs and initiatives.

  •     Become a resource base / resource “centre” (physical and virtual) to manage current hospice care programs in the community.

  •     Act as a communications vehicle to ensure the proper referral process.

  •     Generate public awareness that defines hospice care and how it is delivered in East Haldimand.

  •     Offer (design, schedule and deliver) professional education and development including volunteer training.

  •     Build a research team to identify gaps and find ways to fill them.

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