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Community Outreach

Hospice Palliative Care, at this best, supports someone who has received a life threatening diagnosis; from the time of diagnosis. Further it provides quality support that also includes the needs (fears, questions & feelings) of family and friends. Each journey is different and the length varied.


East Haldimand Hospice’s Community Outreach has only one mandate; to see that you and your family enjoy the best quality of life possible.  Our Professional Team meets regularly to make sure everything is being done, by current health care providers, as well as to be on the leading edge in the development of new services to meet growing needs. There is no fee or physician referral needed to access Community Outreach Services.   Anyone who is in need of hospice care can be referred to this group. The referral may come from the individual (him or herself), a family member, a friend or a member of your medical care team. YOU DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR OR SOCIAL WOKER REFERRAL.

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