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One of the most important services that East Haldimand Hospice Inc. provides is a Virtual Resource Centre to manage current hospice care programs in the community. There is never a charge for any of the programs featured. East Haldimand Hospice inc. encourages you to contact any of the resource providers below or to contact us directly if you are more comfortable using our organization to ensure the proper referral process.


If you, or a group you are involved with, is currently providing a service that you believe should be part of our Virtual Resourse Centre, please contact us to have your information added. If you, or a group you are involved with, has been thinking about creating and offering a new aspect of hospice palliative care, click here to find out how East Haldimand Hospice Inc. can provide support.

Bereavement Support


Grief Support


Homemaker:Title. Double click me.

  • Personal Support Workers (PSW's) will assist with day-to-day needs in home and hospital.


Volunteers:Title. Double click me.

  • Volunteers are available to provide companionship to patients and time away for caregivers.

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