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 Welcome to East Haldimand Hospice
Videos called               "Walking In My Shoes"

These videos have been made possible due to the generous grant provided under the Resilient Community Fund of the The Ontario Trillium Foundation.

You are not alone; we are here to guide and support you. 

Topic 1: How to use this resource

Topic 2:
The caregiver's journey

Topic 3: Care for the caregiver and handling your emotions 

Topic 4: What do people with life-limiting illness want

Topic 5: Why is a family member acting that way

Topic 6: What is advanced healthcare planning, goals of care discussions and health care consent

Topic 7: How to make tough decisions

Topic 8: How to give a bed bath and attend to personal hygiene

Topic 9: Home safety, fall prevention and assistive devices

Topic 10: How to communicate effectively with family, doctors, volunteers and other helpers

Topic 11: How to communicate with someone with a life-limiting illness

Topic 12: How to help with physical needs

Topic 13: How to Respond to Emotional and Spiritual needs

Topic 14: How to respond to Cultural Needs

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