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                             Dragon Fly Wishes Project
is a Palliative Care Initiative in which "WISHES" are granted for those during End Of Life Care.
By celebrating lives and dignifying the dying process, the goal of this project is to improve the End Of Life experience for all stakeholders:
The Patient
        The Family/Friends
                The Clinician
                        The Health Care Provider/Caregivers.
Take a moment and think about someone close to you who has passesd can be anyone.
Were there any parts of themselves they left behind for you to remember? It could be anything: a piece of jewelry, a picture, a book or family heirloom? Or it could be something as simple as a conversation the two of you had about what was important to him or her.
Intentional or not, we all leave behind these pieces of ourselves that others will remember us by. These memories, these mementos are our legacy.
A diagnosis of a life-limiting illness often leads people to think about their legacy and what they're leaving behind....not just finances.
Unfortunately, all too often, these thoughts stay thoughts and aren't actually put into motion. East Haldimand Hospice wants to help make this happen.
If you wish to donate to Dragon Fly Wishes project, you will help put our program in motion. 


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