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Access to hospice care can have a significant impact on the health care system we depend upon so much. Supporting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of a terminally ill individual and their family can keep someone at home and out of the hospital.


Why does this matter? With the overcrowding of Emergency Rooms it matters because 84% of dying individuals visit the Emergency Room in the last two weeks of life, if they have nowhere to turn to ease their fear and answer their questions about “what to expect”.


While there is no governmental support for East Haldimand Hospice Inc., our mandate reflects the mandate of the World Hospice Organization…"It is unacceptable that an individual’s last months or hours of life are unnecessarily difficult when hospice care would allow that mother or father, son or daughter to live comfortably until the end."


It is only through your donations we can provide this care.  And while the need for hospice care may not be touching your family at this time…none of us truly know when that may change and someone we know and love receives the devastating news.



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