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Public Awareness

It wasn’t long ago that when the word “hospice” was mentioned in a conversation the question would arise; “what is hospice”. Today that question has changed to…”where is the hospice”. Most members of the general public picture a building when they think of hospice.  And, that building is where someone goes when they are “old and alone” and about to die.


Dispelling the myths that have so quickly grown, is the key to the ongoing success of hospice both globally and within our community.  Helping each of us to understand that hospice is a philosophy of care that promotes the engagement of the mind, body and soul with all aspects of traditional and wholistic medicine.


Having the opportunity to share stories of love and healing and growth to any group wanting to understand the importance of a dignified, non-judgemental and compassionate end of life journey, is the goal of our public awareness efforts.


We welcome the opportunity to provide a guest presenter at your next breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting or at any special event that you wish.


There are only two things we all share in this world – we come into it, and we go out of it. The journey we take from the first point to the last is as unique as our DNA. Help us to communicate the importance of  free access to quality hospice palliative care when our time (or the time of a loved one) may be drawing to a close.

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