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A big thank you to DOTS Quilters Guild of Dunnville for partnering with East Haldimand Hospice and By the Willow Community and donating quilts for our palliative clients in our facilities as well as our clients in the Community!

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Dunnville Community Theatre

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Barn 11 Productions

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The Memory Quilt.
I call this quilt "My Memory Quilt."  These beautiful quilts are made by D.O.T.S.   (Dunnville's Own Tiny Stitchers) and donated to East Haldimand Hospice Inc. so that we may give to palliative patients or those with life altering, life limiting illnesses in Hospital or in community.  Today we were able to give away 2 beautiful quilts to palliative clients at  Haldimand War Memorial Hospital. 2 years ago I chose an orange one for my brother Jim.  Orange looked so good on him as he had red hair and one of his favourite colours.  He quite liked it and he would follow the stitch patterns with his fingers.  This beautiful little quilt is still with me today and travels from my bedroom to my couch.  Its comforting to me and as I wrap it around my shoulders it gives me peace.  If you know anyone who would be comforted by one of these beautiful quilts please reach out to East Haldimand Hospice Inc.    Thank you DOTS and Tina Kromhout for your recent delivery!
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