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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteering takes a very special kind of individual. It takes someone whose primary mission in life is to help or to be of service. Many people, when they first consider the idea of hospice volunteerism, assume the characteristics required are much more unique.


Volunteering in hospice care does not take a unique individual, but it does require a unique mindset. And that mindset is best summed up with one word…acceptance.  Hospice Volunteers learn that helping is accepting. We must accept the fact that nothing we can do will change the prognosis of those we support. But we can shift the focus away from the illness and onto quality of life. The role of a hospice volunteer is to provide compassionate and non-judgemental support. It is to listen and empathize. It is to help those we have the honor of supporting to live fully present, in a way that reflects where they are on their journey.



Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Care work for our Diagnosed Clients

  • Care work for the families of our Diagnosed Clients

  • Committee and Planning Work

  • Fundraising Assistance

  • Ambassadorship

  • On-Site Event Day Assistance


Every volunteer role carries an equal weight in the overall success and sustainability of East Haldimand Hospice Inc.. We appreciate every contribution of every hour and effort put forth. Simply email to chat further about how your skills, interest and expertise can help.


East Haldimand Hospice makes it their goal to ensure every volunteer receives:

  • Recognition for the work they do

  • Open and Ongoing Communication to maintain relationship.

  • Meaningful tasks that clearly reflect the mission and vision of the organization.

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